Mobile Detailing Services

We bring the power, water, tools, and experience...

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Steam-Spa Service $169 / $199 /$229
  • thorough hand-wash of exterior, including wheel wells and door jams
  • your interior will be steamed clean using steam-spa technology, removing bacteria, mold and allergens!
  • steam cleaning of dash, doors and consoles (detailed crevice cleaning)
  • steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery with micro-fiber scrub. Dries almost instantly!
  • high-power vacuum of interior and cargo area
  • floor mats cleaned free of dirt and salt
  • streak-free window cleaning
  • rim blast and tire shine (click here for example)
  • UV protective dressing of all plastics, rubbers and vinyls
  • Options listed below

  • Save $30 on a second vehicle*

The Works Package $239 / $289 / $339
    Savings up to 25%!

  • Steam-Spa package
  • Leather treatment / Upholstery ScotchGard ®
  • Paint treatment and protection
  • Rain-X ® Application
  • ScotchGard ® application to floors

  • Save $60 on a second vehicle*

Leather treatment / Upholstery protection $20
per seat row
  • Cleans, moistens and shines your leather upholstery
  • Promotes protection from fading and cracking
  • OR
  • Cloth upholstery ScotchGard ® application
  • Helps keep cloth surfaces stain resistant

  • ScotchGard ® application to floors
Pet Hair Removal From $40
  • Safe removal of stubborn pet hair
  • Cost will be assessed upon condition and type of fabric
Paint Treatment and Protection $60 / $70 / $80
  • New synthetic polish and sealant blend
  • Protects paint surface from UV rays and natural elements
  • Removes light scratches, bugs and road grime
  • Brings back lustrous sparkle and shine!
  • A must for dark colors annually
RAIN-X ® Application $20
  • Safely drive in the rain with clear visibility!
  • RAIN-X ® makes rain drops disappear on contact, without wiper use!
Engine Shampoo $30
  • Degreasing of engine
  • Under-hood and engine blast
  • Plastic/rubber component dressing
  • A must if you're selling your vehicle or entering in a car show!
Personal Item Valet $20
  • Let us remove all of your belongings before detailing your vehicle!
  • All items will be returned to their original location
Windshield Service Call / Msg
  • Repair or replace at your home or office, by a windshield specialist!
  • Servicing cars, trucks, construction and farm equipment!
  • Stone chip and small crack experts!
  • Guaranteed work, backed by over 20 years of experience!
Window Tinting Call / Msg
  • Professionally applied at your home or office, by a tinting specialist!
  • Top quality materials used!
  • Guaranteed results!

A bit of fine print...

Extreme conditions and out-of-zone calls are subject to additional charge.
Prices do not include HST and are subject to change without notice.
All personal items must be out of vehicle prior to appointment start time to
decline 'Personal Item Valet' charge.
A $50 fee may be imposed for late cancellations, less than 72 hours prior to appointment time.
Payment is due in full at time of completion.
Effective July 1, 2011, delayed payments are subject to a
$15 payment deferral fee plus 20% APR.
® Scotchgard and Rain-X are registered trademarks of
3M Company and ITW Global Brands respectively.

* multi-vehicle discounts are only applied if all detailing is completed simultaneously